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Tips and Tricks for a Nice Spring Clean

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping – and the dust is visibly swirling in your home?
Spring has traditionally been the time to do a deep clean, and we here at your trusted
Nashville realtor group The Pargh Team are fully supportive! If you are thinking about
selling a home in Nashville, a good cleaning is imperative. Even if you aren’t thinking of
selling, a good deep clean never hurt anyone!

However, don’t let the idea of spring cleaning overwhelm you. Spring IS an entire
season; you have time! Break it up in ways that you can manage without feeling
overwhelmed. Maybe it’s room-by-room or effort-by-effort; just make sure it’s
manageable for you. Below we have prepared some helpful pointers to keep in mind
when you start your spring cleaning efforts. We hope these tips help you stay focused
and motivated to give your home a fresh start for summer.

1. Declutter – Many people have spent the last year decluttering, as any Goodwill
drop off location will demonstrate! But if you are one of the ones who haven’t had
a chance, (or if you have kids and have spent the last year continuing to
accumulate!), now is the time. Go through things commonly outgrown – toys,
clothes, shoes, books – and reduce the number of items in your home.

2. Dust – Dust accumulates quickly in so many areas that we can’t see or don’t
routinely clean. Window blinds, ceiling fans, bookcases – these surfaces are
often the main culprits of excess dust. Wipe these places down with a Swiffer
duster or a microfiber rag. This will also help any allergy sufferers you might have
in your home!

3. Dispose – Go through storage areas in your home, particularly where you keep
all of your cleaning supplies, your pantry, and your toiletries. These seem to be
the areas we forget about! Combine cleaning supplies and dispose of those you
don’t use or like. Do the same for your toiletries. Go through your pantry to throw
away expired or moldy food. We also recommend getting rid of those protein
bars no one in your family is going to eat! Wipe down shelves or maybe even line
them if you haven’t done that yet!

4. Don’t Forget – Hopefully things like your kitchen floor and your bathrooms get
cleaned more than once a year! Spring cleaning should be a time to clean things
you don’t normally think about. Tidy up and vacuum out drawers, wash or replace
shower curtains, wipe down baseboards, the inside of the refrigerator and
microwave. When you walk into a room, choose one thing you’ve never cleaned
before, and then clean it!

We hope these tips help you with your spring cleaning efforts this year! If you are
looking to buy or sell a home in Davidson County, we would love to make it as easy and
stress-free as possible for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call us at 615.351.7333 or email lana.pargh@compass.com.

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