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Leiper's Fork land

Looking for a home? Have you thought about it from the ground up?

While many people searching for their next home spend the bulk of their time looking at houses, it’s easy to overlook the advantages that come with buying a piece of land and building exactly what you want.

Looking for the perfect home can sometimes be an easy process with satisfying results. But if your home search continues to turn up options that seem to each have their own tragic flaw in one area or another according to your wish list, you might consider a land purchase so your end result can be picture perfect.

For example, consider this 44-acre tract of land for sale just outside the artisan village of Leiper’s Fork that would be ideal for a myriad of uses. At the very least, a good investment since land values in this area of Williamson County seem to be continually increasing with no downturn in sight. But with a parcel of land like this one, there’s the option for a hilltop home with pastoral views, a horse farm and residence, or even multiple homes.

“People may think that starting from scratch and building a home from the ground up is overwhelming, but with the right partners, it doesn’t have to be,” said COMPASS Realtor Franklin Pargh. “Our team, for example, has experience in architecture and design as well as real estate, so we are armed to get you in the home of your dreams from the ground up.”

Part of the reason Leiper’s Fork is such a treasure is because of the multiple tracts of land preserved forever by the Land Trust for Tennessee, which protects land from ever being developed. The bucolic, pastoral atmosphere in this part of the county is being secured for generations to come.

The Land Trust for Tennessee was recently named a National Land Trust Excellence Award Winner for its strategic work to conserve land that is important to the people of Tennessee.

In addition, Leiper’s Fork resident Mike Wolfe (co-host of American Pickers) has joined leaders from neighboring smaller communities to create a new initiative called Nashville’s Big Back Yard designed to promote rural communities, including Leiper’s Fork.

“I know first-hand how much rural communities have to offer,” Wolfe said. “Now is the perfect time to think about getting out of the cities and back to small town Main Streets and open spaces.”

And now is the perfect time to own some of the hallowed ground in these rural areas. If you are interested in a land purchase, reach out to us with your questions. (c) 615.351.7333 or Lana.Pargh@compass.com

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