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Franklin Pargh on how to be discreet with high-profile clients

In a town like Nashville, there are a lot of high-profile celebrities doing daily life here. From musicians and actors to pro football, hockey and soccer players, there is an abundance of homebuyers and sellers who require an extra layer of security and secrecy about their transactions.

This is why Compass Real Estate created its Sports and Entertainment division. It was formed to be a network of vetted specialists who work with exclusive clientele and offer personalized attention, marketing and technology prowess, expertise in the marketplace and most importantly, discretion.

Imagine Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson calls you to list his home for sale. It would be tempting to call everyone you know and ‘fan girl’ a little bit – after you litter social media with the greatest listing of all time. So how do you keep those exciting listings and the celebrities behind them on the DL? We asked Realtor Franklin Pargh, one of four of the Nashville Sports & Entertainment specialists for some insight.

His first piece of advice is arguably the most important – and the hardest. Keep your mouth shut.

“The proprietary information is nothing short of sacred,” he said. “Whether it’s Taylor Swift calling you or a blue-collar worker, that applies to everybody. Everyone gets confidentiality. Yes, when someone like Taylor Swift calls, it’s wildly exciting, but you don’t mention it to anyone. That takes some time to learn.”

Learning what to say – and not say — to family and friends is one thing. But it’s also about what to say – and not say – to your client.

“If I am working with one of the Tennessee Titans, for example, we are not going to talk about football,” Pargh said. “They hired me to be their real estate advisor, not their Monday morning quarterback.”

Learning the polish of an experienced Realtor, Pargh says, comes with time. Just like any other career, you have to ‘take the stairs’ and put in the hours before you can achieve the reputation and the expertise to operate at a higher level.

“I’ve been doing this almost 13 years,” he said. “Your reputation by far the most important thing you can invest in. It takes 10 years to build a reputation and 10 seconds to ruin it. If you are a good person and you are hungry, you will find success and attract people to you.”

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