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5 Tips To Refresh & Rejuvenate Your Home This Spring 

‘Tis the season for gorgeous landscapes and outdoor entertaining. Springtime is the perfect time to make simple changes to improve the quality of your home – and your life. 

Here are Lana’s 5 tips to refresh and rejuvenate this Spring! 

1. Declutter and discard 📦

Marie Kondo became a household name last Spring and her expertise in decluttering is still relevant. Start with one room or space, dividing the clutter  into three piles: keep, donate, or toss. If it doesn’t bring you joy or isn’t used regularly, donate it.


2. Whiten or brighten walls. 🤍

Paint walls to bring new life to forgotten spaces. Contrast with black décor to make white walls pop.


3. Embrace the exterior🏡

Outdoor spaces are great for entertaining and relaxation – and can increase your home’s value. Movable fire pits are a great way to create outdoor sitting areas with minimal effort.


4. Bring in blooms 🌸

Jewel tones and minimalistic styles are trending this Spring.  Incorporating fresh flowers instantly invigorate a space.


5. Freshen with outdoor furniture ☀️

Costco offers excellent, affordable options for your outdoor space or porch. Look for earthy colors to complement the sun.

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